Many people have mentioned the similarities of fly-fishing and golf. I get frustrated from both and I can have great satisfaction from both. When you cast a perfect line to a rising trout that just hit the surface it can be as satisfying as hitting a perfect tee shoot from the 9th fairway.  I personally enjoy fishing more than golf can't say that I have ever dreamed of golfing.

When I golf I can't help my self I think of Caddy Shack, there has not been a real funny fishing movie that I can quote! Most of all fishing is about being in nature and passing on the little knoledge to my boys. You can't eat a golf ball but the trout can sure taste good.  

I do want to go out golfing with my golfing buddies and grab a cold beer or Bloody Mary afterwards or during, but usually we start talking about fishing and the big one that got away. One thing is for sure the summer is the best time to be in Laramie so get out there and enjoy yourself!

Reviewing the similarities (Fly-Fishing and Golf):


• Golf and fly fishing are said to have originated in Scotland. For a good account of the history of golf, go here.

• Both activities involve a steep learning curve and can be frustrating for beginners.

• Equipment for either activity is not inexpensive. Certainly one can acquire entry-level tools for either endeavor, but the prices quickly go way up from there. If you pursue either activity, eventually you are going to melt a few credit cards in the process of acquiring gear.

• Golf requires that you have a nice, relaxed stroke. Fly casting requires that you have a nice, relaxed casting stroke. Trying to add a great deal of power in either endeavor will surely have dire consequencess that may result in a stroke.

• Keep your wrists straight when swinging a golf club. Do the same when casting a fly rod.

OK, now let’s review the differences (Fly-Fishing and Golf):


• Golf is a four-letter word.  Fly-fishing has ten letters, and sometimes even a hyphen.

• When you’re golfing, a body of water is a hazard to be avoided.  When you’re fishing, I would hazard to say that a body of water is to be sought out.

• If your golf shoes are covered in sand, that’s a bad thing. The same thing can not be said about your wading boots.

• I’m dangerous with a golf club in my hands. I’ve hurt people I love, albeit unintentionally, when swinging a golf club, and I’ve come dangerously close to hurting others on two other occasions.  I’ve never hurt anyone else with a fly rod, although I’ve bounced a few flies off the back of my own head. Luckily, I’ve not flossed my ears or the ears of anyone else. Yet.

• If your golf score stinks as badly as a skunk, there is no way you can look back on that day with anything but contempt for the game. Even if you get skunked while out fishing you can still enjoy a day on the water.

Fishing Report:

Go to Four Seasons Anglers for this weeks Fishing Report (most rivers are blown out so beaver ponds and plains lakes are your best bet)