Going fishing with your dog or dogs is mostly only asking for trouble. They of course have a great time and you wish they just stay out of the water for 5 minutes. It's like I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone taking the dogs on a long hike and catch dinner in the process.  This theory has actually only worked once, guess that's why I keep doing it. As you can see from the photo of the 2 labs one has a antelope leg that he drug around for the whole day and is now in my car somewhere... Good Boy!

Schooner and Sammy's fishing trip.

My dogs have usually been somewhat overexuberent in their fishing adventures, doing happy things like:

1. Running at breakneck speed and leaping into a fishing hole...especially one that you have belly crawled or "stealthily" snuck up on so as to not spook the fish...and then swam around in it, thanking you for finding such a wonderful place to cool down from racing up and down the banks.

2. Eating dead fish carcasses, which invariably lands your dog at the vets office, where six hundred dollars later, "mans best friend" does not so much as offer one thin dime or learn a small trick that might land you a spot on Letterman, so you can recoup some of your costs.

3.  Rolling in dead things...or worse! Nothing like having your dog find something good and rank, up to and including animal excrement, giving a good roll in it, and then coming to snuggle up with you while you try to cast.

4. The old tangle up the line trick. Sure, most of the time you can't get your dog calm enough to sit by your side, but you want him to at least give you some room to cast a fly line, but he will walk on, over and through your line until he has some sort of Chinese string puzzle created that only a nine year old girl can undo. This is why I bring pliers to take out hooks from fingers, lips, and tongue, That one hurt, sorry gramma! ouch!

5.  Fish wrestling. For the most part, your dog can care less about your fishing experience, usually wandering about looking for any of the aforementioned fun things to do. On the off chance you can concentrate long enough to actually catch and land a fish, suddenly he is on top of your fish licking, tooth tagging, and generally treating your catch like a "squeaky toy".

Fishing Report> Most waters are fishing well! Go fish!

Fishing Quote> Dog Quote> "In dog years I'm dead." - Unknown