Fall is one of my favorite times to fish. Cooler temperatures make you feel comfortable in your waders and you don’t care how you look. Well, I never care how I look when I’m fishing; don’t think the fish care either. I am itching to go on a road trip to the Mile! From October through November the brown trout start their spawning and it is a great time to go to the Miracle Mile and Gray’s Reef. Both areas are located in the middle of Wyoming, and both are a good full day trip or a good sleepover trip as well. That is where I am headed, so in the next fishing report I hope to have some good photos of the brown trout that we caught and share what we caught them on!


My favorite lure is the trusty Brown Trout CD-5 Repala Sinking. (SEE IMAGE)

The brown trout was introduced to America from Europe. It is now widely distributed in lakes and streams throughout Wyoming. In streams, brown trout prefer dense cover, particularly overhead cover from undercut banks and vegetation. Brown trout are slightly more tolerant of high water temperatures than other trout. The brown trout is a fall spawner. Like most trout, young browns feed on aquatic insects, crustaceans, and plankton in lakes and reservoirs.


If you don’t know where the Miracle Mile or Gray’s Reef are there are a couple of ways to get there from Laramie. (1) From Laramie take I-80 West to Sinclair, Wyoming and turn North on County Road 351, which turns into Seminoe Road, go down the canyon and the first bridge is over the North Platte- you are there! Head upstream or downstream and start fishing. (2) From Laramie head North on 287 towards Medicine Bow, then take 487 North towards Casper, turn on County Road 102 (Leo Shirley Basin Road), take a right on Hanna Leo Draw R, and then a left on Kortes Rd. You will wind up on the bridge on the other side of the North Platte. (SEE MAP)

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It is a pretty drive and hopefully you will see a lot of wildlife.  There are no fences, so be careful.  I sometimes go the Medicine Bow route there, and then take the back way to Sinclair and eat at Su Casa for dinner. Su Casa is in downtown Sinclair and is really the only place to eat.  If there is a line it’s worth the wait!

Directions to Gray’s Reef are straight forward. (1) Out of Laramie take 287 to Medicine Bow, turn North on 487 through the Shirley Basin, and once you get to the junction of 220 take a left to Alcova Reservoir;  below the dam is Gray’s Reef. (SEE MAP) (2) You can go the back way from the Miracle Mile- just head North and follow the river and head to Alcova Reservoir and you can’t miss it. (SEE Map)

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Miracle Mile is mainly wade fishing.  You can wade fish at Gray’s Reef and float down to several take outs. You can arrange for a driver to shuttle your vehicle down to the parking areas for about $20.

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" I have laid aside business, and gone a'fishing. " - Izaak Walton