As the University of Wyoming has continued to expand over the years, the main campus has become surrounded by neighborhoods and forced to expand in other locations. This is evident by the fact that the brand new visual arts building is located clear over by the football and basketball stadiums. However, it seems that the University is also finding ways to expand adjacent to the main portion of campus.

The City of Laramie informed us earlier that the University has actually obtained preliminary approval to close a small section of Lewis Street permanently. The closure will be from the alley between 9th and 10th Streets to the west edge of 11th Street. The university and city decided that this would create a safe walking path for students as expansion continues to the north of Lewis Street. UW now owns all properties bordering both sides of Lewis in this 1.5-block stretch where the street will be permanently closed. Over the past few years property has been continually acquired that extends into the neighborhood North of Lewis. They now have room to start expanding, although it is clear that some of the home owners are less than thrilled to cooperate. One in particular has been observed displaying a sign stating that the home is not for sale to the University of Wyoming at any time for any price.

It will be interesting to watch as a new phase of building starts to emerge; at least one deemed the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) facility is set to have it's groundbreaking this Spring. The new building will provide teaching laboratories for introductory courses such as general chemistry, general biology, organic chemistry, elementary physics and other large-enrollment laboratory courses involving more than 100 students per semester. While this is one of the first new buildings located North of campus, more are sure to come as UW continues to acquire more properties in this area all the time. For continuing coverage of the University of Wyoming and everything going on in Laramie, make sure to LIKE the Laramie Live Facebook page!

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