The University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources (SER) will be represented on the nationally televised show '60 Minutes' this Sunday, December 10. The episode will cover energy in Wyoming and will feature an interview with Dr. Holly Krutka, Executive Director of the SER. The episode can be streamed on Paramount Plus or viewed on CBS.

What is the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources?

The School of Energy Resources is a relatively new program at the University of Wyoming. The program opened in 2006 and was designed to '[enhance] the university's energy-related education, research and outreach.' The school is home to the only four-walled 3D CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) in Wyoming and three Research Centers of Excellence. For more information on the Univ. of Wyoming SER, click here.

About Dr. Krutka

Dr. Holly Krutka has extensive experience in the energy resource field. She came to the University of Wyoming after a tenure serving as the Vice President for "coal generation and emissions technologies at Peabody, the world's largest private-sector coal producer." Dr. Krutka has focused much of her career on exploring modern energy technology and policy to help advance carbon capture and expand the coal industry by finding nontraditional coal consumption opportunities. For more info on Dr. Krutka, click here.

Wyoming Representation on '60 Minutes'

Dr. Krutka's interview is not the first time the Equality State has appeared on '60 Minutes.' In March of this year, the Wyoming Honor Farm - a program working to rehabilitate inmates alongside taming wild horses on federal land, featured on the show. In 2022, the show explored Wyoming's majestic Green River Drift cattle drive. And in 2019, '60 Minutes' dined at one of Laramie's best-kept secrets - the Indian food at the Gem City's Akal Travel Center.

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