School pride is nothing new in the collegiate world. Bearing your alma mater on license plates, cheering them on during the big game, and proudly wearing school colors around campus or post-graduation are standard, admirable expressions of school loyalty. But I would argue that here in Wyoming, UW pride means something more than just where you went to school. It's the pride of a culture, a way of life - the pride in being a Cowboy, through and through.

But what does it mean to be a Cowboy? It's more than just wearing Pokes gold and brown or knowing the lyrics to Cowboy Joe. Instead, being a Cowboy is a way of life that goes far beyond the University campus.

We don't cringe at cold weather. We don't balk from hard work. We pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and tip our hat to our challenges in a silent but determined "Bring it on." We're gritty and honest, humble and dedicated. It's a mindset that you'll find prevalent on the college campus.

But it's not all nitty gritty in the life of a Cowboy. After all, what would life be without a bit of fun? In a recent social media post, a few Cowboys shared what it means to be a #Cowboy on the Wyoming campus with the perfect dash of humor...and hilarious truths. Here are a few:

#We're Cowboys:

  • We wear cowboy boots...and own multiple pairs. (True.)
  • We complain about the wind. (Also true.)
  • There's a weird thing about throwing pinecones at Rexy the T-Rex on campus. (True.)
  • Knowing everyone on campus is a thing. (True.)
  • And, most of all, it sucks to be a CSU Ram. (Need I say more?)

Check out the video below for some smiles...

And, not too long ago, the University released a video on what it means to be a Cowboy highlighting the greatest of truths - that anyone can be a #Cowboy. Cowboys are driven and determined. They go on to become artists, engineers, dancers, and scientists. They go on to change the world. No wonder that here in Wyoming, we firmly believe that the world needs more Cowboys.

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