Although it has repeatedly been a subject of "Ask the City," I continue to struggle with what is going on at Shocktoberfest at the corner of 3rd Street and Grand Avenue. How is the business allowed to operate with a restaurant liquor license when nothing about it resembles a restaurant? It has no commercial restaurant, just a microwave and outdoor grill (neither of which are commercial or NSF approved). How can the public view the most recent health inspection along with sales records to prove they are complying with the restaurant license requirements?


"According to the Wyoming State Liquor Division, Shocktoberfest has met the requirements if State Statute to hold a restaurant liquor license in both kitchen type and food and alcohol sale requirements. The public may review the most recent liquor license renewal application, reviewed by the Liquor Division, by visiting the office of the City Clerk at 406 Ivinson Street, or by calling the City Clerk's office at 307-721-5220.

All food license inspections can be reviewed by contacting the Environmental Health Specialist by calling 307-721-5283 to make an appointment."

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