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QUESTION: The disabled parking spot on Grand and 2nd, outside the Laramie Main Street office is consistently taken by someone without a disabled permit dropping into a store for “just a minute.” I seem to watch non-disabled drivers sliding into that spot about a third of the time just as I’m pulling up. Can a permit for this spot be enforced more often or more readily? Given that people park for a short time and feel it’s fine to park for a short time, someone would need to be watching. Alternatively, there would be a 10-minute spot nearby for everyone to use.

ANSWER:  If you notice a vehicle parked in a designated disabled parking space without a proper disabled placard displayed, please call Dispatch at 721-2526 immediately and provide a description of the vehicle. The Laramie Police Department will respond as call load allows.

QUESTION: Will West Laramie ever get some sort of department store having to always drive to Walmart get to be a hassle?

ANSWER: The City of Laramie is working with a consulting firm, The Retail Coach, to grow existing retail and attract new retail to the community. In doing so, the City is not concentrating its efforts in any single area but is instead marketing the community as a whole based on the various requirements individual retailers have in terms of population size, median income, lot size, proximity to competition, etc. Any commercial development, including a department store, selecting West Laramie for its location is almost solely dependent upon the property owner, and on whether or not the land meets an individual retailer's needs. Aside from working to get Laramie “on the radar” of national retailers, the main involvement from the City in any retail expansion is related to zoning and site development requirements, which often occurs after a company has selected a location.

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