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Question: How do I get my lot surveyed to know the exact location of my property lines to build a fence?

ANSWER: The only way to know your exact property boundary is to have your property surveyed by a licensed surveyor. If it’s possible your property was previously surveyed, you can look for corner pins--metal stakes driven into the ground. If you locate all the corners you can determine your property lines that way as well. For some lots, especially older ones, finding all property pins may be difficult

Question: Are property owners responsible for their water lines on the property (from the alley in) or just from the meters?

ANSWER:  Per City of Laramie Municipal Code: 13.08.070 - Maintenance—Owner's responsibility.  The owner of any property connecting to the water utility shall be responsible for the maintenance of the water service line from the curb stop to the structure being served and shall keep this line in good condition at his expense. He shall, at his expense, at all times keep all pipes, fixtures and appliances on his property tight and in good working order so as to prevent waste of water.


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