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QUESTIONWhy does the city apply toxic metal salts, such as sodium and magnesium chloride, to Laramie streets when street runoff ends up in the Laramie River, Spring Creek, and the Casper Aquifer? How many pounds of salt end up in our water every winter?

ANSWERDe-icing material is applied to locations whenever needed to address safety concerns for the traveling public. These areas include:  4-way stops, signal-controlled intersections, hills, and any other locations that have historically required attention. The Salt and Ice slice applied is used sparingly but is necessary to provide residents with a safe traveling surface.

QUESTION:  Can code enforcement do a better job of staying on top of the sidewalks adjacent to school district properties? I walk by Beitel almost every day and sometimes its many days before someone comes by to remove snow. I'd think that the school district doesn't get a free pass to not follow snow removal code just because it is a week long holiday or weekend.

ANSWER: The sidewalks adjacent to Beitel Elementary are owned by the Albany County School district, which is a political subdivision in the state of Wyoming and are governed by a locally elected school board and superintendent. You may report your concern to the school district by calling (307) 721-4400 or email them at Our Code Enforcement Inspector has offered to contact Albany County School District #1 with your concerns as well.

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