Why doesn't the Laramie Police Department utilize bicycles to patrol the city? This is a pretty small town, yet it seems you cannot go three minutes while driving around without seeing at least a couple of police cars. Bike cops would cut down on fuel costs, car maintenance, and improve relations between residents and police, as there is more one on one interaction in environments that use bike cops.


"The Laramie Police Department has 8 certified bicycle officers and 5 patrol outfitted bikes. Use of the bikes is extremely effective in certain circumstances, such as Jubilee Days, around the football stadium on home football game days, or for community celebrations such as Freedom Has a Birthday and other similar events. Bikes are also used as a supplemental patrol strategy to address specific criminal activity concerns. While effective during those times, the use of bikes as a day to day strategy is limited due to the ability of a beat officer to effectively cover their assigned beat. Bikes cannot carry the many tools needed to investigate calls, they cannot transport prisoners, and response to calls at the far end of assigned beats make the daily use of bikes impractical."

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