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QUESTION: The survey crews were working in front of Safeway on 3rd earlier this week. Is the State finally going to do something about the traffic SNAFU on 3rd? Left turns out of Safeway, or left turns from any road heading West, are nearly impossible at certain times of the day!!

ANSWER: WYDOT crews are currently collecting preliminary data work and will develop plans with the intent of installing a new signal system. The new signal will be installed at the intersection of Third and Flint and is scheduled for FY2022.


QUESTION: I live on a street and see constantly numerous cars that occupy available slots intended for people who live on the street and pay the parking permit fee. Any comment on this matter would be appreciated.

ANSWER:  If you witness vehicles parking in residential permit zones without the proper permit displayed, you can report those to Dispatch at 721-2526 and an officer will be sent to check for violations. Officers proactively enforce the residential zones, but often have to respond to calls and are committed to workloads that may not allow them to find all violations. Also, per City of Laramie Municipal Code #10.36.100 there is a time limit for anyone parking in front of or alongside another’s property—see below for details. You may call Dispatch to report violations of this code as well.


QUESTION: When planning on doing home remolding, what permits and plans are needed and where to get them.

ANSWER For information on required permits and plans, please contact Clarice at Code Administration at 307-721-5271 or email her at


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Please note that the City of Laramie will answer as many questions as possible at their discretion.

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