Officials with the U.S. Forest Service say that although personal use firewood permits are very popular right now, they are not the only forest product permit offered. The Forest Service provides the opportunity for people to have many unique experiences that can save them money in the long run.

One potential money saving permit is the tree and plant transplant permit. This permit allows people to dig trees, flowers, and bushes from the forest and plant them in their yard or property. This is priced at $10 per permit with a two permit minimum. Each permit can be used for one tree or bush or up to three plants. For more information on the tree and plant transplant permit, click here.

Another popular permit is the mushroom harvesting permit. Personal use permits are free and must be on the individual at all times while harvesting the mushrooms. It allows permitted individuals or households to collect up to one gallon per day, or up to five gallons per calendar year. Commercial permits are priced at $20 each and allow permitted users to collect 10 gallons in a seven-day period on any of the three districts of the Medicine Bow National Forest. Commercial collecting is not permitted in the Routt National Forest. For more information on the mushroom harvesting permit, click here.

For more information on the personal use firewood permit, which is priced at $10 per chord with a $20 minimum, click here.

Aaron Voos with the U.S. Forest Service says that the variety of permits provides the public with affordable products.

“These types of products are made available to the public, and they’re certainly something that can and should be taken advantage of,” says Voos.

He adds that these kinds of opportunities combined with the recreation areas and activities are unique to lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service. He points out that most lands are managed for recreation or preservation, but the forest is multi-use.

Permits can be purchased in person at a Forest Service Office. For more information, contact the Ranger District Office which you plan to visit or click here.

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