Rooted in Laramie, a non-profit organization that focuses on tree replanting, is looking for volunteers to help plant 50 trees throughout the community on Saturday, June 12.

The organization’s mission is to help homeowners plant trees in their front yards and educate the community about the benefits of urban forests and proper tree care.

This year Rooted in Laramie is very excited to ramp up the education component of the planting by engaging more volunteers. Volunteer opportunities include working on teams of three people to plant the trees.

There is no experience necessary, as each team will be led by an experienced tree ‘crew leader’, who will help provide instruction on proper planting techniques. Along with this, those interested in less physically demanding work can help with some of the behind-the-scenes work on planting day.

To volunteer, please fill out an application on Rooted in Laramie’s website.

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