I was wondering if traffic lights could flash red in all directions when not on the normal cycle? There are many times when one is flashing red in one direction and yellow in the other that many treat it as though it's a green signal, and I believe that flashing red in all directions and treating it as a 4-way stop sign would improve traffic flow and safety.


"Not all traffic signals in Laramie are owned and operated by the City--many are operated by WYDOT. Some intersections are operated in an all red flashing mode; they are set up in this manner when two intersecting roadways carry comparable amounts of traffic and are otherwise similar in function. Some intersections operate in a red flash mode the minor street (side street) and yellow flash mode on the major street. They operate in this manner to give priority to the vehicle movements prevalent on the major street. It is perfectly acceptable to operate in either mode and the city has had little to no issues with this mode of operation."

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