Why do the answers to so many "Ask the City" questions about code enforcement direct the person asking them to call the city office responsible for enforcing the code? With the number of police officers and other city employees traveling around the city at all hours of the day and night, wouldn't it be reasonable to expect that these public servants could make note of obvious code infractions and contact the appropriate enforcement agency?


"Reporting issues directly to the city division responsible for handling enforcement issues is the most time-efficient method for residents. When answering questions through Laramie Live, the city usually includes contact information for appropriate staff and offers a link to the city's website as a convenience to the resident should they wish to access the information in the future.

While it is reasonable to expect any city staff member to be cognizant of nuisance issues, it is important to remember that other primary job responsibilities are being performed as well, and may be of higher priority. As provided in the 2016 Laramie Police Department report on the city's website, the dispatch center fields about 45,000 calls per year for service with the Laramie Police Department, Laramie Fire Department, and Albany County Sheriff's Department. Approximately 12,000 emergency calls to 911 are answered yearly. In addition, approximately 15,000 non-emergent calls are handled monthly. About 25,000 of all calls per year for service are handled by the Laramie Police Department. From a practical standpoint, the best use of an officer's time is to address calls related to the police department.

Regarding civil matters like code enforcement, the city needs to follow its own procedures, which involve working informally with residents to resolve issues. Due process must be respected when dealing with private property, and whether a nuisance matter requires the issuance of a formal notice of violation. Even upon a formal notification, residents have a chance for response or compliance. Failing that, penalties can be assessed, a violator is entitled to final due process, which could include a formal contested proceeding, including testimony of witnesses and presentation of evidence before a neutral decision maker."

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