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Why is the city messing with all the stoplights that don't need to be messed with? I am referring specifically to 15th & Harney and most recently 4th & Harney. There was ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with the setup of those two intersections. Especially the intersection at 4th. The traffic is never bad enough to warrant turn lights. The intersection that is in desperate need of a light is 22nd and Willet. Also, why would you make a 4 way stop and then put in turn lanes on top of it? There are so many people that "take" the right of way when it isn't their turn. If you need an intersection with a 4 way stop AND turn lanes, perhaps it is time for a light! It is clear that the city should take some advice of people that actually drive these roads, all day every day!

The City's Answer:

The modifications for the lights on Harney Street are to improve efficiency of the intersections during the peak traffic times and to be prepared for the increase in traffic when the Harney Street viaduct is built.  There have been a couple of studies done on 22nd & Willett over the years. That intersection is working very well with the 4 way stops.  Failure of drivers to concede right of way to others is an enforcement issue.  Installing a traffic light at that intersection will decrease the efficiency and probably encourage more violations and accidents.

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