As economies are still recovering from pandemic destruction, cities and towns are finding ways to boost revenue on tight budgets. The City of Laramie developed the Wayfinding Master Plan as one of those projects.

Placing new, nice signs around Laramie is the culmination of the Wayfinding plan which is intended to “improve navigation and enhance the overall visitor experience,” and provide 53 signs throughout town for a more aesthetically pleasing tour, for both tourists and locals alike. 

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The signs will hopefully draw more people downtown, to museums and other attractions, as well as Pilot Hill. Laramie Principal Planner Philipp Gabathuler said the cost estimates, which were part of the 2018 plan, have now increased as have most things, post-pandemic. Initial estimates topped out at just under $270,000, but now are expected to end up closer to the $500,000 mark. 

Gabathuler’s project memo to the city council last week said “The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on economies worldwide—including sign-making and installation. Therefore, bids received in 2023 deviate substantially from the estimates made in the 2018 plan and City Staff has been unable to solicit bids that align with the budgetary constraints and the project's scope.”

Despite the significant increase, Laramie Main Street and the Albany County Tourism organizations are still in support of the project and are allocating funds to go forward with the project. 

“Because of the substantial difference in the current and any projected budget for the Wayfinding signage, guidance from the City Council related to the project is desired. Staff believes that the success of the Wayfinding Project hinges on additional contributions from the City Council as well as community partners,” Gabathuler added.   

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