Your Question:

Why is the light crossing Grand at 13th so short? The crossing there gets heavy use and you basically have to sprint to make it across Grand before the light turns green. This should be changed.

The City's Response:

Generally, if a person leaves the curb while the white walk light or symbol is lit, there should be sufficient time to get across the street.  The light should be timed so a person walking at 4 feet per second (a standard speed used for calculation) should give enough time to get from the curb line on one side just as the walk light changes from ”walk” to “flashing don’t walk” to the traffic side edge of the parking lane on the opposite side of the street.  The timing is not set for curb to curb crossing, rather curb to the safe haven of the parking lane.

The question regarding this intersection will be referred to the Wyoming Department of Transportation for review.

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