Young Laramie writers get a Spark this fall, with a $2,000 grant from Wyoming Humanities. 

The Albany County Public Library Foundation was gifted the Spark Grant to support the library’s Young Writers Program. The program is for writers aged 7-17, who are interested in honing their writing craft. 

The program is hosted every Friday at 3:45 p.m. in the library, beginning Oct. 28. The five-week series consists of 30-minute workshops followed by 60 minutes of structured writing. Published authors will provide advice and assistance.

Young writers will participate in National Novel Writing Month, and learn how to craft their own publications. Wyoming Humanities said the series will focus on writing’s “connection to humanities through literature and storytelling, using hands-on activities and writing time.”

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An awards ceremony will conclude the workshop, and participants will get a chance to win a gift certificate for a young writers’ conference. 

Spark Grants are designed to “spark” new insights and perspectives. The grants are awarded to programs that inspire these opportunities for growth and learning in their communities. 

Funding is provided by the state of Wyoming through the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. Grantees, who receive up to $2,000 with this opportunity, provide equal or greater matching funds and in-kind contributions. Wyoming Humanities’ grants generate significant social and economic impact five times greater than state funding (Wyoming Humanities).

Visit the Albany County Public Library’s Facebook posting here for more information about the Young Writers Workshop. 

For more information about Wyoming Humanities and its grants or sponsorship opportunities, visit

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The Albany County Public Library's social club for teens and tweens creates screen printing pieces.

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