The Laramie Police Department reminds people not to leave children or pets in hot cars as summer temperatures soar.

That's according to a post on the Laramie Police Department Facebook page.

According to the post, temperatures in a car parked in 90-degree weather can rise 40 degrees in an hour, with most of the increase coming in the first half an hour.

The post cites the  following statistics:

Quick Breakdown:
- After 10 minutes: 109°F
- After 20 minutes: 119°F
- After 30 minutes: 120°F
- After 60 minutes: 133°F

It's Illegal In Laramie

It can also be a violation of city ordinance:

City Ordinance 6.20.013 Neglect
a. It is unlawful for any animal to be left in a parked, unattended vehicle for more than 15
minutes during any period where the outside temperatures exceed 75 degrees.
The post advises that you should Never leave children, pets, or anyone else in a parked car, as temperatures can reach levels that pose a risk of heatstroke and other illnesses. Even on cooler days, direct sunlight can heat the car interior significantly. Always check the interior temperature and use sunshades or window visors to help keep the car cooler when parked.

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