The Albany County Sheriff's Office is telling people a low-flying helicopter they may see near the Wyoming-Colorado border area over the next few days is not cause for concern.

That's according to a post on the agency's Facebook page.

The Helicopter Will Be Part Of A Mineral Survey

The post says the chopper is part of a survey looking into mineral potential in the border area. In the words of the post, ''The survey that is being conducted is focusing on the Sierra Madre-Elkhorn Mountains and the Southern Medicine Bow Mountains; as there are several known areas of mineral interest that are not well mapped.''

The post says that in less populated areas, the helicopter will be flying low to the ground, at around 300 feet above the surface. But in more populated areas it will be flying 1,000 feet above the surface to comply with FAA regulations.

The post does not list a clearly defined timeline for the helicopter activity, simply saying it will be happening in mid-June.

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