Laramie Main Street has announced the re-branding of the Laramie Farmer's Market including  a new logo.

The rebranding is in conjunction with the Laramie Public Art Coalition.

You can see the new logo in the graphic shown above. The graphic is part of an overall rebranding of the farmer's market.

It was developed in partnership with Laramie artist Rocio Gomez Sandoval. In the words of a news release:

the Downtown Laramie Farmers Market now shines brighter than ever. Rocio painstakingly hand-stitched every detail of the new design, presenting a logo that will undoubtedly stand out as one of the region's most vibrant market symbols. The use of embroidery as a medium for creating the market logo is distinctive and adds a unique touch.

Laura McDermit, Executive Director of the Laramie Public Art Coalition, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "It is so important to infuse our work in the community with the incredible talent of our artist community. Rocio, being an artist and a downtown business, was a perfect fit for capturing the energy of the Farmers Market through her hand-stitched embroidery."

The Laramie Farmer's Market Starts Tomorrow, June 28

According to the release, in addition to the new logo, the 2024 Laramie Farmer's Market will feature new streetlight banners, signage and promotional materials. And the artist who designed the logo, Rocio Gomez Sandoval, will be offering her work as a vendor at the Farmer's Market.

The market gets underway tomorrow (June 28) and continues on Fridays (except for July 12) from 3-7 p.m. at the Jackalope Parking Lot until Sept. 27.

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