While it might have been a staple as long as you can remember celebrating the holiday, unfortunately, this year you will have to find another way to express your affection. The company that makes Sweethearts candy, the chalky and sweet candy with messages printed on the top, has gone out of business. 

New England Confectionary Co., also known as NECCO started in 1901 through the merging of smaller candy companies in the Boston area, with some having histories going back to 1840. You might also remember another popular creation of theirs, the Necco wafer. 

Problems for the company began in May of 2018, with the impending bankruptcy, layoffs, and sale of the company being finalized in July of 2018. The company has since ceased operations. There might still be hope for everyone's favorite Valentine's Day candy, however, as the patents for the products have been sold to Spangler Candy Company. There's no word as to whether they plan to produce any for February 2019.

In the meantime, you might just go with another option to show your affection. I recommend Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Or my new favorite candy, Gin-Gins. You can also send your Valentine something special with the iconic Loveland postmark, and we'll help!

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