Love is in the air in Yellowstone National Park and it's not just because Valentine's Day is almost here. New video shows one of the wolf packs in the park as mating season approaches.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker just shared this video of the Wapiti Wolf Pack from one of their recent tours in the park. Don't worry if you're a parent. Nothing here to hide from your kid's eyes.

This video inspired me to do some research into wolf mating. I do not advise that you do a Google search for that as some results are a bit questionable. But, I did find some interesting facts on the Western Wildlife Outreach website. The confirmed that now is mating season as wolves find love between January and March each year.

Another interesting fact about all this is they mention that only alpha males and females breed. I guess the "only the strong survive" saying is true after all at least in wolf land.

If you'd like to keep up with the new pups which are added to the pack this year, Yellowstone Wolf does a great job of documenting the members including the young ones. The Wapiti wolf pack is one of the largest and most active in Yellowstone and are fascinating to follow.

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