A temporary web camera is being used to monitor the temporary bridge on Snowy Range Road (Wyo 130) which was constructed after a flash flood washed out a section of the road, killing four members of a Colorado family. The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) had the camera installed as an added measure of safety during repairs.

WYDOT's Transportation Management Center is monitoring the location 24/7. Assistant Chief Engineer of Operations, Ken Shultz, claims surveillance will allow for a quick response by authorities should any accidents or natural disasters occur while the one-lane bridge is in place. Shulz says the cameras also allow the public to see the repairs as they happen.

The camera costs WYDOT $1,000 a month and will be in place as long as necessary. The live feed is available on WYDOT's Road and Travel website by clicking the link for web cameras, then non-interstate routes.

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