Crews will begin work on N. College Drive and Warren Avenue in Cheyenne on Monday, weather permitting.

Wyoming Department of Transportation spokeswoman Andrea Staley says work on N. College Drive will take place between E. Pershing Boulevard and E. Lincolnway, while work on Warren Avenue will take place between E. 24th Street and E. Lincolnway.

"Motorists should expect potential delays from lane closures, reduced speed limits, flaggers, and other traffic control as the work is taking place," she said. "In any work zone, avoid distractions like cell phones and buckle up."

Staley says the work on N. College Drive, which includes concrete slab repairs, is scheduled to be completed in June.

The work on Warren Avenue, which includes milling, paving, concrete work, curb and gutter repairs, ADA upgrades, traffic signal replacements, and minor storm sewer improvements, is expected to be completed in the fall.

"Parking in front of businesses will be affected by the work, but sidewalk access to businesses will remain open," she said.

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