Why did the construction on Beech Street start so late in the season?


"While it may not always appear this way, the city does try to minimize disturbances with traffic flow and adjacent properties during a project. One of the things we consider is when school is in session, as well as the routes to and from schools. Unfortunately, even when we plan to minimize impacts, issues can arise that are out of control for the city or the contractor and jobs can be delayed. These can include but are not limited to: weather, equipment issues, or other unforeseen circumstances. The project's budget also plays a role in when work can be scheduled as the city's fiscal year begins on July 1st of every year. With that, after a project is bid and awarded, many times the earliest the work can begin is in August. This year, the city and the contractor had every intention of opening Beech Street prior to school starting. We were unable to complete the hauling work in time because of delays in getting equipment and equipment malfunctions, which ultimately caused the project to be delayed and prohibited us from opening the street on time."

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