WYO 130

WYO 130, WYO 70 Open
After working for several weeks to clear two seasonally closed roads, the Wyoming Department of Transportation has opened WYO 130 over the Snowy Range and WYO 70 over the Sierra Madre as of Monday, May 21.
WYO 130 Closed
The Wyoming Department of Transportation has closed Snowy Range Road, WYO 130, over the high country of the Snowy Range, for the season.
WYO 130 Over Snowy Range Pass Now Open for 2012 Season
Yesterday WYDOT reported that they had cleared the last of the snow that was left on WYO 130 after a fairly mild winter. You might remember that last year the stretch of road did not open until June 10th as crews worked 60 hour weeks for over a month to clear the dense snow. Almost a whole month ear…
Construction on WYO 130 Begins to Fix Washout
WYDOT reports that they have begun the process of repairing the section of WYO 130 that washed out in last spring's heavy run-off. You might remember that at the time of the washout back on July 19th a Colorado family was traveling on the road during the incident. Their car was caught in the wa…
WYDOT Installs Web Camera to Monitor WYO 130 Washout Repairs
A temporary web camera is being used to monitor the temporary bridge on Snowy Range Road (Wyo 130) which was constructed after a flash flood washed out a section of the road, killing four members of a Colorado family. The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) had the camera installed as an ad…
Temporary Bridge on Wyoming Highway 130 Completed
The Wyoming Department of Transportation has completed a temporary single lane bridge over the section of road that washed out on WYO 130 July 19th. WYDOT posted on their website that WYO 130 reopened at approximately 4:15 PM this past Saturday. The washout killed 3 people and an emergency responder…
Highway 130 is CLOSED Around Mile Marker 56
Highway 130 is CLOSED around mile marker 56 due to a flash flood overnight that washed out part of the road. That's in Carbon County, beyond Lake Marie. If you have plans to go to Saratoga, you'll have to go all the way around on Highway 230.