A town in Wyoming has the sixth-fastest drivers in America, according to a new study. Surprisingly, it's not Cheyenne or Laramie.

An Insurify study ranked the cities with the highest percentage of speeders. An estimated 19.9 percent drivers in Gillette, Wyo. have been ticketed for speeding, the sixth-highest rate nationwide. No other Wyoming town ranked in the top twenty.

Similar studies also suggest drivers have the need for speed across the Cowboy State. Earlier this year, a GasBuddy.com study ranked Wyoming drivers as the fastest in the country, with an average speed of over three miles per hour higher than the closest state. Another 2015 study concluded that Wyoming had the second-fastest drivers.

Wyoming motorists may be fast, but they're not all bad, according to the research. The GasBuddy study also ranked Wyoming among the least aggressive drivers nationwide. Another study placed the Cowboy State 31st on their list of the worst drivers in the country.



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