Starting on May 1st, Taco John's International will kick off a month-long fundraiser dedicated to curbing suicide in Wyoming.

Taco Johns announced the fundraiser is in partnership with Jonah Bank and Grace For 2 Brothers. The fundraiser coincides with Mental Health Awareness Month, with the event lasting from May 1st through May 31st.

Mental Health Awareness In Wyoming

Taco Johns and Jonah Bank are working in conjunction with Grace for 2 Brothers and the Laramie County Grief Support Team to help address the state of mental health awareness and suicide in Wyoming.

To date, Wyoming's suicide rate is double the national average. As of 2020, Wyoming had 30.5 suicide deaths per every 100,000 people according to the CDC. Since 2014, Wyoming has led the nation as one of the top five states for suicide deaths per capita.

Taco Johns International, Jonah Bank, and Grace for 2 Brothers intend to utilize the fundraiser to shed light on these sobering statistics.

Mental Health Awareness Month Fundraiser Details

Taco John's and Jonah Bank will be accepting donations throughout the month of May at any one of their locations. 100% of the donations will go towards the suicide awareness and prevention efforts in the state of Wyoming.

Businesses are also encouraged to donate to the fundraiser. Taco John's has announced that any small business that donates $200 or more to the fundraiser at one of Jonah Bank's sites will have the chance to win a free catered lunch from Taco John's.

More On Mental Health Awareness Month

There are many free resources for individuals contemplating suicide. Anyone contemplating suicide or having thoughts of harming themselves should reach out to one of the following resources 24/7:

  • National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Safe 2 Tell WYO: Text WYO to 741 741
  • Grace for 2 Brothers: 307-256-3344

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