Why is the city putting money into unnecessary repairs like the one out by Walmart when there are other streets in need of repair?


"The work performed on Grand Avenue was done by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT). As previously noted in the Laramie Live forum, Grand Avenue, 3rd Street, and Snowy Range Road are owned and maintained by the State of Wyoming through the jurisdiction of WYDOT. The particular work being done recently was a chip seal coat to extend the wear surface of the roadway. Maintenance like this is generally done a year following the resurfacing project. WYDOT planned for this work to be proactive in preserving the roadways in the state network through regularly scheduled maintenance with stretched resources.

In line with WYDOT, the city's resources are limited and careful planning is done to maximize the use of available budgeted dollars to maintain the 135 miles and 31 miles of alleys under the city's jurisdiction. From a budgeting perspective, less than 11% of property taxes paid, 8 mills of the total 73 mill levy, are collected for the City of Laramie. In any given year, not every needed project will be completed due to time and budget limitations. However, the city is committed to wisely spending each available dollar in the best manner possible as outlined in the budget adopted by City Council through a public process.

More information related to city services, budget, and other areas can be found on the city's website.

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