There has been a terrible speeding problem by new residents and construction crews on Indian Hills Drive now that the new development has one in. I have considered buying my own sign to try and get people to slow down, and construction workers blow exhaust when I've asked them to slow down. Why doesn't the city do more to post speed limit signs in these new developments?


"Speed limits within the city are 30 MPH (prima facia) unless otherwise posted. The installation of additional signs does not resolve, but it does increase maintenance costs. Any existing problem may require increased speed limit enforcement; not additional signage. If there is a specific location that is of great concern, the city can focus law enforcement efforts there, or place speed trailers to help raise the level of driver awareness. If you see driving actions that are dangerous, the best course of action is to note the description of the vehicle involved and report it to dispatch by calling 307-721-2526."

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