One of the most unique, exhilarating and entertaining organizations in Laramie is without question the Naughty Pines Derby Dames. For some, roller derby can seem a bit intimidating, but as we've learned from our friends in the Naughty Pines, roller derby is one of the fastest growing women's sports in the country.

The local derby dames have had several bouts already this season, and this weekend, will host another home match right here in Laramie. The bout titled Justice June begins at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 16 against the Slaughterhouse Bone-Saw Bruisers of Greeley, Colo. at the Laramie Community Ice & Events Center.

What makes this bout different than most however is the cause; the Naughty Pines are teaming up for the bout with the Queer Advocacy Network to promote LGBT equality. The Queer Advocacy Network focuses on many areas where equality is needed, but they say issues they address the most in their advocacy are, "...marriage equality, employment non-discrimination, and bullying."

You have a chance to win tickets to the event by taking part in our rewards program!

You can also purchase tickets, pre-sale tickets to the bout are $10 and can be found at Kum & Go, Atmosphere Mountain Works, and online. Tickets at the door will cost $12 and there will be an after-party following the bout at the Library Bar & Grille with music from the Ninjas.

For more information, you can visit the Naughty Pines' website.

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