If you are a huge fan of food, especially different ones from all parts of the world; you're in it for a treat!

Join the Laramie Main Street Alliance for some of the best and most inventive food you've had!

Through collaborations, international flavors. and conversations, the Laramie Main Street Alliance will be hosting its annual Laramie International Flavor Festival this April 4 through April 8. I'm already excited to spend the week having exciting dinners and trying out the different food and taste!

The event celebrates diverse international residents and influences. In this festival, 20 participating downtown restaurants will infuse a menu item with flavors inspired by over 80 international community members and students from over 40 nations.

These specials will appear on their menus throughout the week. I'm so curious as to what food and flavors we would have this year!

The Event

Don't miss out on this fun event and share with us your favorite food you taste! It’s like traveling, but not really!

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