Laramie’s Downtown Clinic (DTC) has been providing medical care to our most vulnerable community members for twenty years. The DTC serves 500 people annually, many of whom are homeless, without health insurance, and live in poverty (<200% of the Federal Poverty Level).

Now, the DTC is expanding its already incredible services, which are primarily locally funded (way to go, Laramie!). They’re going mobile. 

Getting to the clinic can be a struggle for many DTC clientele, and sometimes, healthcare–even free healthcare–is an unattainable luxury because they simply cannot find transportation. 

“We hope to use it to stabilize and provide resources to those in difficult situations so that ultimately they will be able to access the services at the DTC,” clinic director Pete Gosar said.

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Mobile clinics have popped up around the United States, and the service continues to grow.

“The van idea was instilled by the examples of other free clinics in the U.S. that operated a mobile unit and were able to care for people that they were otherwise unable to reach,” Gosar said.

The DTC van was funded for a two-year period through a Direct Relief and NAFC (National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics) Health Equity Grant. The NAFC’s mission is to help underserved populations receive quality healthcare and has provided 35 grants and $25 million towards that mission. 

Gosar said the van has a lot of potential. To get wheels in motion, “Initially, we are targeting behavioral health services (social work and mental health counseling) but know that services will grow and change as we become familiar with what is needed.”  

Eventually, the van will be outfitted with telehealth capabilities and a vaccine refrigerator. 

“I suspect that we might provide primary care services, vaccinations, etc. in the not-too-distant future,” Gosar said.

The clinic does a lot with a little. It has two full-time employees, four part-time staff members, and over 80 volunteers. For more information about the clinic or to volunteer, visit their website here

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