The Laramie Regional Airport is open for business after a week of closure due to damaged equipment.

Why Did the Laramie Airport Close? 

On Wednesday, April 13, the airport announced its closure on Facebook. The closure resulted from a malfunctioning Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS). The ASOS machinery assists with critical weather forecast airports are required to use by the FAA. An inoperable ASOS requires the airport to cancel any flights until the system is repaired per the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). To protect the public and remain in compliance with Federal Regulations, the Laramie Regional Airport had to shut down until repairs could be made.

The ASOS is owned and operated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Because the FAA owns the equipment in a joint operation with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the Laramie Airport had to wait for the FAA and NOAA to come and fix the equipment.

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The public responded with questions regarding their flights through United, with many individuals opting to reschedule for flights out of Cheyenne or Denver International Airport. The Laramie Airport recommended passengers impacted by the closure reach out to United Airlines for assistance.

As of April 18th, the Laramie Airport has reopened fully operational and is ready to assist the public with their travel needs. The airport offers free parking, one-hour check-in, and 45-minute flights to DIA for their passengers. The airport serves both Laramie, Cheyenne, and the occasional Colorado passenger with flights to DIA. For more information on the Laramie Regional Airport, visit their webpage here.


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