This week, instead of highlighting one pet available for adoption at the Laramie Animal Shelter, I'd like to shine a light on several of the pets currently living at the shelter. Over the past year, the Laramie community has helped many of the animals featured on Laramie Live find homes, and it's my hope that all of the animals find their forever homes before the end of the year. Even if you can't take any of these bundles of love home, maybe you know a friend or family member with space in their hearts and homes for a furry friend.

Photo by Laramie Animal Shelter

First up is Moira. Moira has been in the shelter for a while now, despite being described as a "friendly, agreeable adult female." Read further for the shelter's full description of this sweet kitty.

"Moira is a friendly, agreeable adult female. She likes attention. She is already spayed and fully vaccinated. She was a generous and patient mother and now she is keenly interested in a home of her own. She will not be a good choice for a home with dogs."-Laramie Animal Shelter

UPDATE: Moira has been adopted!

Photo by Laramie Animal Shelter

Callie is a sweet, housebroken Calico cat waiting for her forever home. Her full description can be found below.

"Callie has been using her cat box consistently while here at the Shelter. Callie's caregiver reports that Callie prefers a very clean box and that she sometimes poops just beside the litterbox but urinates in the box consistently. They solved this by putting newspapers under the box. She has not lived with other pets or children. She is friendly and easygoing. She is already spayed, declawed and fully vaccinated." -Laramie Animal Shelter

Photo by Laramie Animal Shelter

Ivan is an old man looking for a comfortable home to spend his golden years. Here is his complete description.

"Ivan is a friendly, mild mannered senior fellow. He is already neutered and fully vaccinated. He has had his teeth cleaned and his matted coat shaved so he can start fresh with a lovely new coat of tabby fur. He would like a nice, mellow home for his senior years. Maybe some place with sunbeams and a sofa."-Laramie Animal Shelter

Photo by Laramie Animal Shelter

Sassy has already been featured in a Pet of the Week article, but still has yet to find a home that can keep up with her energetic pace. Here's a refresher about Sassy.

"Sassy is an active, 1 year old Kelpie mix. She would benefit from a home that will keep her active both physically and mentally. She reportedly wasn't getting along with other dogs in the house, so slow, carfeul introductions with new dogs is important, but she is reportedly good with cats. She will be spayed, microchipped and updated on her vaccinations prior to her vaccination." -Laramie Animal Shelter

UPDATE: Sassy has been adopted!

Photo by Laramie Animal Shelter

Ingrid is a sweet grey cat looking for an affectionate home. Her story is short and sweet, and can be found below.

"Ingrid is a friendly adult female. She likes attention and affection. She has a lovely, short silver coat. She will be spayed prior to her adoption. She is working on her vaccinations." -Laramie Animal Shelter

Photo by Laramie Animal Shelter

Diamond Dave, aptly named for the unique mark on his nose, is an energetic cat looking for a playful home. The shelter says of Dave:

"Diamond Dave is a flashy, playful adult male. He likes to chase toys. He enjoys lap time as well. He will be neutered prior to adoption. He is already vaccinated."

UPDATE: Diamond Dave has been adopted!

Photo by Laramie Animal Shelter

Paulie looks really worried, but he's actually very friendly and ready for his forever home. Here's his full description.

"Paulie is a friendly youngster. He'll be neutered prior to his adoption. He is working on his vaccinations. He has lived with children, dogs, and other cats. He's outgoing and well adjusted" -Laramie Animal Shelter

Photo by Laramie Animal Shelter

Look at that face! Lollie is another friendly young cat ready for a permanent home. Keep reading to find out more about her.

"Lollie is a friendly youngster. She'll be spayed prior to adoption. She has lived with children, dogs, and other cats. She's outgoing and well adjusted." -Laramie Animal Shelter

UPDATE: Lollie has been adopted!

To meet any of these pets, please stop by the Laramie Animal Shelter during business hours, which are usually from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The shelter will be closed for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.

The Laramie Animal Shelter consistently puts new pets available for adoption. For a complete list of animals currently up for adoption, please click here.