I want to landscape my house. In addition to calling for a locate, what do I have to do to complete this?


"Landscaping on private property for homes built prior to July 1, 2010 can be completed without a permit and without restriction. Modification should be designed to not increase storm water runoff onto a neighbor's or public property.

Landscaping on single-family properties on lots 16,000 sq. ft. or less and built on or after July 1, 2010 do not require a permit for modification but are required to conform to the residential front yard landscaping requirements of LMC 15.14.050.E. Two options exist, as detailed below:

Gardenscape Option (LMC 15.14.050.E.4)--This requires that the front yard (between the sidewalk and the front plane of the house) consist of at least 75% living ground, of which 50% may be used for flower or garden beds, shrubbery planters, or other similar features. Two trees, either deciduous or coniferous and at least 1.5 inches in caliper at time of planting, are required to be planted in the front area.

Xeriscape Option ( LMC 15.14.050.E.5.)--This allows for a mix of decorative rock, mulch, plants, and native grasses. A maximum of 50% of the front yard area may be without plants, but shall be covered with materials such as decorative rock, bark, or mulch. Plant species used shall be of appropriate variety to tolerate low watering and high altitude climate.

In either case, installation or modification to a sprinkler system or lighting would require building permits."

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