A Moose is coming to Laramie City Hall next spring. 

It’ll be a “Resting Moose,” and it’ll be a permanent installation, instead of in need of relocation as many Laramie moose are.

“Resting Moose” is the planned interactive artwork installation at City Hall, another project in partnership with the Laramie Public Art Coalition (LPAC). A small flower garden occupied the space in front of City Hall, and LPAC requested artists to submit project ideas for an interactive piece. 

In August after three artists/artist teams presented their submissions for consideration and a public forum was held to gather feedback, Peter Hazel Art’s “Resting Moose” statue was selected. 

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The concept of the statue is to celebrate Wyoming’s outdoors and a “representation of a healthy community and a promise of a growing art scene in Laramie,” according to the City of Laramie’s community newsletter, the “Gem City Spark.”

Peter Hazel is an artist based in Reno, Nev. known for his large sculptures across the country. Hazel’s art reflects his appreciation of the outdoors, and he calls Wyoming “an outdoor lover’s paradise.” His moose sculpture showcases how plants, animals, soil, and natural processes are interdependent and reflect the overall health of the wilderness. 

“Like wilderness areas, cities and cultural centers may undergo similar patterns of health or illness where observable traits may indicate the status quo of the area. Just as the moose is an indicator of a healthy wilderness ecosystem, public art is an indicator of cultural depth, socioeconomic prosperity, and successful collaboration between community stakeholders,” said the concept discussion.

To see examples of Peter Hazel Art, visit his website here. 

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