Valentine's Day is here at last!

We asked our listeners how they plan to spend Valentine's Day and in true Wyoming style, it looks like most of you are keeping it low key.

Donetta said: We're celebrating on Saturday the 16th my husband works out of town. He's taking me out to dinner.

I think a lot of Wyoming couples can relate to this one. With so many couples that have family members that travel for work, the struggle is real.

Molly commented: Taking the kid to powerlifting and laundry.

I think all of us moms can relate to this one! #momlife

Laren said: Well, we have three kids so... surviving the fallout from school Valentine party candy indulgence?

Solidarity sister...

Christy told us: Throwing darts and hanging with my love.

Simple and sweet ;)

Over on our Instagram @lynnangela_ told us that she and her man celebrated early (due to his work schedule) with dinner and a few drinks.

@jaqulineh92 said her hubby will be working so she is going to spend the night with her kiddo. She is having flowers sent to her school and a nice dinner planned. #momwin

It's not too late to share with us what you're up to, leave your comments here or head on over to Facebook or Instagram!

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