When will the city spray for mosquitoes on E Fremont Street?


"The City of Laramie runs an Integrated Mosquito Management Program. Much of our operation focuses on larval surveillance and control and treatments. BTI (an environmentally friendly bacteria) treatments began in April 2018. Adult mosquito fogging (i.e., "spraying") threshold numbers were reached in adult mosquito surveillance traps on Friday, June 1st--fogging commenced the evening of Sunday, June 3rd. Fogging has been divided into 4 zones. If a trap's overnight numbers indicate the need to fog a specific zone, the city will publish this daily updated information on the city's website under the Mosquito and Chemical Application Hotline and on our voicemail hotline at 721-5025. Each zone has a physical description that is available on the website and voicemail hotline as well. Atmospheric conditions greatly determine whether our mosquito crews can fog and include: temperatures over 50 degrees Fahrenheit and wind speeds between 1 and 10 miles per hour. So far this season, East Fremont has been treated three times for adult mosquitoes with Wednesday (June 20th) evening being the most recent application. Adult mosquito treatments are used to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes in a specific area, but will not eliminate every mosquito.

The City of Laramie Mosquito Control staff would like to remind citizens to take the following steps to help prevent mosquito bites (4 D's):

1. Drain standing water on your property so mosquitoes won't breed.

2. Use insect repelling DEET on your clothes.

3. Stay indoors between Dusk and Dawn, which is when mosquitoes are most prevalent. If you do go outdoors during this time, take the proper precautions to prevent mosquito bites.

4. Dress in long sleeves and pants--and spray repellent on your clothes.

For more information on mosquito bite prevention, click here.

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