What is being "built" on Snowy Range next to LFD Station 3?


"The Linford School Drainage Improvement is a cooperative effort between the City of Laramie and the Albany County School District. Bids were recently opened for this improvement and low bid was awarded to Hamaker excavation. Total cost of the project is anticipated to be $3,220,699.07.

Due to the extent of the project, construction completion is anticipated to be in November 2016. In working with the contractor, a decision was made to start the project now and avoid disruptions when school resumes. The areas near Linford Elementary School are planned for completion first. Unfortunately, projects of this size will sometimes require a schedule longer than the school summer break.

Most of the project should be completed before school starts in the fall. Some periphery work will be completed before the construction season ends.

The City, School District, and contractor are appreciative of your patience during the project."

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