Is Fire Station 3 closed, and if it is, what is the city going to do with the building and what about the safety of the people who live in West Laramie?


"The City of Laramie Fire and EMS Department provides services to the community through three open and operational fire stations in the City. Fire Stations are located at 209 S. 4th Street, 1558 N. 23rd St., and 2374 Jefferson St. The department responds to all emergencies within the Laramie City limits. They also respond to fire calls within the Albany County Fire District #1, which encompasses the majority of Albany County. Additionally, the ambulances respond to calls throughout Albany County (approximately 4,200 square miles).

Manpower and emergency equipment are deployed daily to provide 24-hour emergency response service 365 days a year, including holidays, through three shifts that work 24 hours on-duty and 48 hours off-duty. Shift assignments are coordinated to accommodate training requirements, vacation schedules and other leave time as necessary.

The department annually responds to approximately 800 calls for service related to fire issues and approximately 3200 calls for ambulance related issues.

Emergency Medical Services:

The Laramie Fire Department provides emergency medical services for Albany County through an agreement with Ivinson Memorial Hospital. All Laramie Fire Department personnel are certified emergency medical technicians. Personnel who are regularly assigned to a rotation on the ambulance also hold certifications in advanced cardiac life support and pediatric advanced life support. The Fire Department maintains five ambulances to provide EMS service to Laramie and Albany County. They also provide transport to other health care facilities within approximately 250 miles.

Fire Suppression:

The Fire Department maintains a fleet of seven firefighting units to suppress fires in Laramie. They also maintain command vehicles and hazardous materials response trailers. The department responds to fires in Albany County through an agreement with the Albany County Fire District #1. We also work cooperatively with several volunteer fire departments in our county.

For additional information, questions can be directed to the Laramie Fire and EMS Department at 307-721-5332."

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