Now that the new Bluebird Lane/Bill Nye Avenue road is open on the east side of town, what is the plan on expanding it further west?


"The expansion of Bill Nye Avenue westerly from Boulder Drive is planned in the future, but a specific schedule has not been established. The plan is to expand Bill Nye from Boulder to 19th Street when sufficient funding has been accumulated, which is likely to take a number of years. Also in the works is the extension of Bill Nye from 15th to 3rd Street. This segment of roadway would be developed some time after the previously described segment is completed.

Also in the plans is the extension of 30th Street south from Garfield to the future Bill Nye. This will help with overall traffic circulation and serve to complete the major traffic network in the Turner Tract area. No time table has been established for this section of roadway as a portion of the project is dependent on development activities.

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