The Question:

Why doesn't the city allow for more businesses to come in like Target or Home Depot? And if it's the city, why it has to go through council? Laramie would benefit so much more if there was more to offer!

The Answer:

“To City staff’s knowledge, the City has never done anything to stop a “big name company” from coming into Laramie. On the contrary, when the City is contacted by name-brand retailers, our staff does all we can to make them feel welcome. The simple fact is that Laramie is not yet large enough to attract attention from most major retail chains. Most chains locate in metropolitan communities (places approx. 50,000 or more population); with just over 30,000 residents, Laramie has not crossed that threshold. We are growing, however, and that threshold will be crossed in the future – it is hard to say when. For better or worse, retailers do not believe that “if you build it, they will come”. They build only when the market is large enough – not before.”

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