The Question:

Here's one I've wondered about for a while: What's up with the stretch of missing sidewalk on East Steele Street between 3rd & 4th (north side of street, east end of block)? It appears that someone may have torn up the sidewalk during a landscaping project, but it's gone years without replacement. This unpaved stretch is hazardous for pedestrians, especially in inclement weather, and as a result, when walking or jogging on this particular stretch of public property, I am often forced to divert my path into the street. What gives?

The Answer:

“Engineering staff inspected the site and it appears the sidewalk has never been installed. Unfortunately, there are older subdivisions that failed to install all of the curb, gutter and sidewalk, that we have all become accustomed to seeing and using. Engineering will contact the owner of record requesting that they install the sidewalk. The effectiveness of such a letter may be doubtful, but the City will pursue compliance.”

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