The City of Laramie is continuing a multi-phase water system rehabilitation project in the 3rd Street corridor.

This second phase will be constructed during the summer of 2022 and will take place inside the 3rd Street public right of way.

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The project involves abandoning the old water main and installing a new one along the western side of the street., which will include the replacement of the water main within 3rd Street between Sheridan Street and Gibbon Street.

Additionally, water main repairs will be made in both the 3rd Street and Baker Street intersection and the 3rd Street and Fetterman Street Intersection, which will cause temporary inconvenience to area businesses and the public. Property owners who obtain water service from 3rd Street will receive water from a safe and tested temporary service connection. There may be differences in the volume and pressure with this temporary service.


It is the responsibility of the property owners to notify tenants in the project area of the upcoming construction.

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