Why does the city not seem to notice there are a lot of cars that never move and others that have expired plates, or that there is a lot of junk and garbage in some of the yards in West Laramie?


"Having expired registration is just one of many reasons a vehicle may be marked as abandoned. Since January of 2017, 198 vehicles have been marked for state statute W.S. 31-13-101 and W.S. 31-13-104. Once marked, if the vehicle is not removed from the street or altered to be legal, it is towed at the owner's expense after at least 5 days. If you believe a vehicle to be in violation of this state statute, the best course of action is to note the description of the vehicle and report it directly to dispatch at 307-721-2526.

If you have a concern about trash on private property, please contact the Code Enforcement Inspector by calling 307-721-5285."

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