We have had a car parked in front of our rental for 3 weeks that hasn't moved once. We have called Laramie Police Department, but they said the 24 hour parking ordinance will not be enforced until February 1st, after the students come back. What else can we do?


"A number of vehicles were marked 'abandoned' in mid-December. According to Wyoming statute, these vehicles may be towed in 5 days. Our experience shows that often, students and faculty who reside in Laramie leave during the break between fall and spring semesters. Because of that, we have decided not to move the vehicles until the end of January. This will ensure that we don't cause hardship and monetary loss before people can return and ensure that their vehicles have current registration, which is part of the criteria used to mark these vehicles. Vehicles marked for the 24 hour ordinance have been moved by owners or towed as mandated by city ordinance during the break."

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